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Renewal & Retention Training

On Site Training  (Please contact us for pricing quote)


+ Need Sales People?  Run A Sales Person Recruiting Event (Request Quote)

  • We will come to your dealership and facilitate a Sales Person’s Job Fair Recruiting Service. He’ll provide the ads, the format, do a retail automotive information seminar the day of the event, group and individually Interview, Screen, Assess and Train your new hires on-site. Personalized to meet your needs. Extremely cost and time effective if you are hiring 2 or more new sales people. This unique process will exceed your expectations. Contact Us Today For More Information.
    • “We ran help wanted ads forever without any success at all.  NAASSA’s Job Fairs allowed us to attract, recruit, screen, train and hire performers.  It is a solid process.” Michael Stephens, GSM, Richmond Hill Toyota

+ Full FLOW Selling Integration For Your Entire Sales Team ($2,995 per employee)

  • 18 hours on site training plus 25 hours online training provided
  • Minimum 12 employees must enroll in dealer group training
  • Course Outline (PDF)
  • FLOW Selling is a trademarked process which will enhance and replace parts of your current sales system to help you sell more cars, make more money and reduce your stress levels immediately. It closes the gaps present in other sales systems and dealership sales processes that prevent you from really moving the needle. We know the buyer has evolved, but has your processes kept pace with them? When installed properly it is a buttoned-down complete selling system for the entire sales team, Sales Manager’s desking / closing systems and the F&I Specialists turn over procedures through to vehicle delivery coordination. No rock is left unturned. When you really get things FLOWing you will have a consistent process that will leave you wondering how you ever did business before FLOW. It would be realistic to expect an overnight improvement of about 30% in all the important metrics and results of your showroom. It requires a minimum of 2 weeks of combined in-class training with live showroom coaching. It is also fully supported with MarinoTV on-line.
    • “Within 60 days of the install of FLOW, we improved our front end gross profit about $600 a copy on extremely strong volume.”  Gordon Nimeck, Raceway Auto Group

+ Keynote Speaking and Special Events (Request Quote)

  • Topics are tailored to whatever your event requires. Conventions, new product announcements, regional meetings, grand openings and other special occasions will be enhanced by making them more enjoyable, more relevant and more memorable with Duane Marino or J.C. Spearry doing what they do best – educating, motivating and inspiring your people.
    • “We have brought in several key note speakers over the years, and normally have about 15 Business Managers attend our annual event.  This year, we brought in Duane Marino.  The interest in attending was crazy, his name was so strong in the stores that everybody we talked to signed up.  We had to stop the enrollements at 120 people!  His talk was amazing.  We actually felt sorry for the speakers that had to follow him later that day.”  Tracy Dietrich, Business Development Manager, BMO

+ Sales Success Series – 3 Set Audio CD’s ($395)

  • Testimonial from a 50 car a month  sales professional:  “I just wanted  to sincerely thank you for the help from your Audio CD’s I had bought a year ago. They are awesome and I was hoping others could have had the opportunity to invest in them selves and it helped me big time!   After 10 years of management, I had decided to go back selling cars and pushed myself to become a 25 car guy and honestly it was hard work!  A few years went by and I ended up doing 368 cars in 2012 and this year I will do over 400 plus and I can honestly say your Audio CD’s have truly helped me to achieve 50 units back to back and I continue to learn.  It is amazing a guy in your caliber to remain humble and it’s an absolute honor to have listened to you over and over and it has helped me achieve the growth I wanted to achieve and now I have the desire to hit next levels!  I hope next year you can remember to bring your Audio CD’s out again so others can make the small investment I did as it sure helped me with my success!  Just wanted to pass along a sincere thank you as I am very grateful and appreciate all you have done!”  Brad McDonald, Sherwood Park Dodge Chrysler Jeep

+ Sales Person Success Kits ($395)

  • Are you looking for a way to organize your work space so that you can sell more effectively and create tremendous sales habits?  Look no further, our Success Kits contain the following:  quick reference booklet of the most common selling mistakes and corrections, 12 monthly planners, daily showroom and sales call traffic log organizer, example newsletter for customer mailings, 12 month relationship text blast template, showroom and phone coaching sheets, Tom Hopkins “guilt cards”, 43 Power Questions, sale and closing pocket reminders, gratitude success journal, used car study sheets, customer friendly worksheets, postcard mailing template, 50 productivity tips, 20 prospecting tips, sales call note pads & trial closing sheets.

+ Mystery Shopping

  • Want to know what really happens when your back is turned?  Do you wonder what the experience at your dealership is REALLY like from a neutral third party customer perspective?  We have never mystery shopped a client in the attempt to gain their training business, and we have never mystery shopped a client after a training assignment.  However, we do and will mystery shop your showrooms and service departments on your behalf and send you the results!  Live, phone and email / internet shopping is available.

Our knowledgeable team has a full range of innovative solutions and related services that can be customized to suit each client.

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