“When you want to grow your lease portfolio look no further than Duane’s lease training.”  Tony Wilson, Dealer Principal, GM


Attendees will increase their effectiveness in contacting and renewing lease-end and finance equity customers. The focus is on when to contact customers through the ownership cycle for maximum satisfaction and referrals, what to do prior to the renewal appointment to ensure a smooth presentation, how to present lease and finance options with visual aids and using effective lease and finance renewal closes.


At conclusion, attendees will have:

  • the ability to set goals properly
  • updated their knowledge of accurate leasing facts
  • discussed the past, present and possible future of leasing
  • thorough understanding of leasing terminology
  • be able to present the benefits of leasing for customers, sales people and the dealership
  • a grasp of their future sales regarding trade cycle management
  • be able to present the story of leasing
  • learned simple analogies to explain leasing
  • compare the trading positions of clients that finance or lease through a depreciation analysis
  • have a powerful desktop point of sale lease presentation
  • be able to bring up the topic of leasing with every client
  • overcome customer objections to leasing
  • overcome sales person objections to leasing

An emphasis is placed on word tracks, customer presentations, follow-up management and closing techniques. 

Who should attend:  Anyone who wants to increase sales through shortening their customers trade cycles.