This course will cut through the myriad of technical information and show you what you need to know and do to sell more cars now using the social technologies available to us.
“Social media is the new way to pursue and attract business, but it is really not so new anymore.  Step up or step away.”  Brandon Alexander, Sales Professional, Audi
  • 3 Ways to sell and Pareto Principle
  • The 4 Major Social Medias
  • How to juggle these major channels in one easy step
  • Pursuing Sales through Kijiji, Send Out Cards and BNI
  • Why are consumers using social media
  • What do people do on these social media’s
  • Social Media Statistics
  • How to set up a facebook page, what to post, how much to post, what to like
  • How to set up a Twitter page, what to tweet, who to follow
  • How to set up a LinkedIn page, who to connect to, what and when to send a message
  • How to set up a YouTube account, what video to post
  • Communicating professionally and effectively through  Text Messaging, BBM, Email Blasts,  iPad vs. laptop and QR Codes
Who Should Attend:  Any sales person or manager that wants to learn how to move from cyberspace into the real world of selling more cars today!