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“We really love your 2 hour livestreams! My team is pumped. The 9 deals we did yesterday were because of it.” -Robert Bruno, GSM, Volkswagen
“We enjoyed the training livestreams the other day! Very good stuff. We closed some deals using some of your lingo the next day ... worked like a charm."-Geoff Daugharty, General Manager, Nissan

Sales managers and leaders often don’t have time to coach, aren’t sure what to do, lack the deep tools and resources required, don’t establish a consistent rhythm of coaching conversations and can’t lead a great coaching conversation.

There Will Be:
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"9 Deals Closed after 2 hour liveStream"

Changing habits isn't easy and this is why Duane engages frequently and regularly. When behaviour is discussed, coached and directed regularly, the right way, everyone tends to stay in their lanes and be on point. 

During these interactive training & coaching livestreams Duane will quickly draw the connections between gaps, time, effort, skills, actions, goals and results. Always respectful, not always traditional and sometimes quirky, his message is delivered the right way combining directive, facilitative and conversational approaches. 

Change does not happen overnight, success takes effort and development over the long haul. People are motivated by a number of factors (not always money!) and sometimes require dozens of nudges to finally begin making the adaptations necessary. 

100% Automotive, Results Based, Researched, Experienced, Focused, Training and Coaching Programs for all positions, all brands, all sizes and all markets. 

About Duane

Duane has been in the car business since he was 16 years old. While rapidly working his way up and around the business, his passion and mission became to continually work on himself while passing on what he was learning to help others.

He keeps his head out of the clouds by keeping his boots on the ground, selling and working in dealerships across North America. He has survived and thrived through ups and downs including four major economic downturns. 

Some of Duane’s highlights include a long prosperous life in the car business, decades of study in many forms of practical psychology, speaking, training & coaching more than 100,000 automotive sales professionals in Canada, the USA and the UK, the creation and literal founding of the very first automotive CRM, he was selected by the late great Joe Girard to speak at his inaugural talk into the Automotive Hall of Fame, selected to be an NADA speaker, facilitating at the grand opening of Grant Cardone’s 10x Automotive Academy, publishing his best-selling Unstoppable Series of books on Attitude, Sales and Money, and his ever-evolving trademarked FLOW Selling systems in Sales, Service, F&I and Leadership. 

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