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Is your Automotive Sales Training stuck in the past? It’s time for a real and fresh approach to automotive sales practices for your Sales Managers, Sales Professionals, F&I Managers and Service Advisors! Many of Duane’s successful dealerships and students have quickly learned how to have “Twice the Sales in Half the Time™” using his simple and easy to learn “4-Step Sales Processes” referred to and trademarked as “FLOW Selling™”.

Duane’s continual studies of all sales strategies, his years of selling in dealerships across North America stacked with his deep trainings in many different disciplines of applied psychology, have given birth to the most effective internet, email and face to face sales practices in the automotive marketplace today. FLOW Selling™ is your template for fast, friendly, ethical sales and transaction processes that are in tune with today’s educated and connected customers who have ever-shorter attention spans and a strong distaste for long, drawn out, deceptive sales practices from decades of old, irrelevant automotive sales practices.

Duane sells cars today and is an accomplished strategist, trainer, speaker, author and student of many aspects of personal development. Duane is rewriting the book on how to be successful in retail automotive.


Today’s customers do more research than ever and most are ready to buy when they enter your showroom…

Being successful today isn’t just about what to do, it’s also knowing what not to do. Less sales failures mean more sales successes!

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