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A fresh approach to automotive processes, training and coaching for your Sales Professionals, F&I Managers, Service Advisors, Managers and Leaders is long overdue!  Many of Duane’s successful dealerships and students have quickly learned how to achieve “Twice the Sales in Half the Time™” using his simple and easy to learn 4-step sales and leadership programs referred to and trademarked as “FLOW Selling™”.

It is difficult to know if you are on the right track in the hyper competitive and sometimes cut-throat business of working in a car dealership.  Join Duane Marino live, a long-time member of the car grind for deep insight and light laughs with other like minded automotive professionals.
Duane Marino
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Proven to be the best choice for training newer hires or any open minded salesperson performing below their optimum
  • Pre-class assignment review
  • Better  understanding your  customer and your job
  • How Victim’s and Victor’s in sales differ
  • Identifying different selling styles
  • How to turn in-coming sales calls into appointments
  • Dealing with people who won’t give their contact information
  • Confirming appointments
  • Turning no-shows into appointments that stick
  • Following up unclosed prospect so the be-back comes back
  • Disarming the customer at the greeting
  • Profiling – questions to ask and those to avoid
  • Selecting vehicles from stock
  • Skills needed to sell from stock
  • Homework review
  • Customer centered vehicle presentations
  • Understanding buying signals
  • When and how to use lot closes
  • Trial closing
  • Processing objections during selling
  • How to use a worksheet to close more sales
    Test review
  • Presenting proposals and getting offers for both volume and gross profit
  • Overcoming objections
  • Exit strategies to turn a ‘no’ into ‘maybe’ and a ‘maybe’ into ‘yes’
  • Sales Manager turnovers
  • How to follow-up unclosed prospects
  • How to pursue and attract business at incredible levels
  • How to get to an appointment a day within 6 months!
  • Business office role and turnovers
  • Vehicle delivery
  • How to be favorably memorable and guarantee maximum repeats and referrals
Lifetime Free Repeats, and as always, Dealer Principals Attend at No Charge

Sales Champion

At time of registration
Due 90 Days After the Course, But You Don't Pay Unless They Perform and Stay
Our goal was to modernize and have all of our stores using the same sales system so we could more easily develop and promote our team members from within. FLOW Selling provides consistency with drastic improvements in sales, gross and pace of sale. I always attend and involve myself in group training.  Onboarding new hires effectively has resulted in average of about 20 cars a month within their first 90 days.
Gordon Nimeck

Gordon Nimeck

DP, Chrysler, Toronto
Just before I met Duane I was already the #1 Hyundai sales person in the world.  Attending his workshop I was a little intimidated by the over 100 people crowding around the doors to get in, but I sold FIFTEEN, yes 15 cars in the 3 days following your workshop as a result of what I learned!
Mary Lou SlobodiaN

Mary Lou SlobodiaN

Sales, Hyundai, St. Catherines


Pressure to produce profits and high CSI has never been higher. Customer attention spans and confidence in dealerships has never been lower. F&I FLOW Selling is the perfect hybrid between Step and Menu Selling to allow you to hit your targets easier, faster and with zero customer friction or litigation concerns.
  • Pre-class assignment review
  • Industry and business office facts
  • What does the internet, your customers and your sales people really think about F&I and why
  • The job of the business manager
  • Exactly what is FLOW and how does it compare to Step and Menu Selling?
  • How “Conversational Selling” can transform the customer experience and your results
  • Why do customers and sales people love FLOW?
  • Making sales people raving fans of F&I
  • Adjusting your sales approach according to the customer’s social style
  • Getting to 100% turn-over and proper turn-over etiquette
  • Disclosing objectives to the customer
  • Using the customer statement as profiling tools
  • How to “Warm up” a buyer with the sales person
  • Sales presentation standardization
  • Assign homework
  • Homework Review
  • Utilizing the waiver
  • Understanding the ‘singular presentation’
  • Dealer plan financing benefits and conversion
  • Improving relationships with your suppliers and providers
  • Understanding buying signals
  • Insurance statistics
  • Credit life insurance presentations
  • Utilizing different closing techniques
  • Common mistakes of business
    managers that still use Step or Menu Selling
  • Disability insurance presentations
  • Presenting product prices
  • How to disclose and be 100% compliant
  • What to say when they only want one or two products
  • What to do when they say they don’t want any products
  • Assign Homework
  • Test Review
  • Extended service agreement presentations
  • Processing objections
  • Chemical application presentations
  • Wrap up of the turn over
  • Ensuring a smooth delivery
  • How to increase your sales on delivery
  • Follow-up of customers for additional product sales after the turn-over or delivery
  • Additional profit building tips and ideas
  • Implementation and Integration of accelerated payments
  • How to conclude with the customer
  • ** Mastering the FLOW **
Word tracks and presentation techniques are emphasized to build skills and handle objections. Role-play at every step in the process. Turn-over tools provided.

should attend:

This program is targeted at business managers who seek a fresh customer friendly approach to selling more F&I product, faster, easier and friendlier then Step Selling or Menu Selling.

Who doesn’t
like this program:

The trainers and software companies that endorse only Step Selling, Menu Selling, Unstructured Selling or those that aren’t certified to train this trademarked process!

Lifetime Free Repeats, and as always, Dealer Principals Attend at No Charge

F&I FLOW Selling Mastery is about product sales, processes and procedures aimed at High Gross Profitability with Zero Liability.
The numbers speak for themselves as FLOW has a track record for measurable results and immediate increases.  We consider this to be the best real-world F&I School offered anywhere by anyone. Your managers will show immediate measurable profit increases and product sales increases. As modern as today, your managers, regardless of experience level will learn more in three days than most other courses accomplish in a week.
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  • Advanced Selling Competency, using proven selling methods and procedures. Establishing the demeanor, attitude, and selling skills of a highly polished, professional Financial Manager. This will include a heavy emphasis on selling intangible products.
  • Maximize Unit Sales from the sales of Finance and Leasing options while maximizing profitability from product sales in the F&I Department.
  • Learn Sales Methods to best assist customers in selecting suitable finance packages, lease programs and aftermarket products.
  • Develop full-disclosure skills for Selling Parts and Labor Agreements, (Vehicle Service Contracts), with high penetration and high profitability while reducing cancellations and charge backs.
  • Develop skills and techniques for selling insurances with high penetration and reduced charge backs. This involves value-oriented sales processes, overcoming customer fears and objections with full legal disclosure.
  • Learn how to manage and motivate the sales force to insure that the F&I Manager receives a quality introduction to every customer turnover at the point-of-sale.
  • The heart of this course is unique”Word Tracks”, things to say to the customer and overcome objections without confrontation. Duane’s unique, proprietary  presentations and closes are high-powered, persuasive and effective.
  • High-Profitability, Efficiency, Legal and Ethical Compliance, proven professional techniques to improve product sales and profitability.
  • Learn full disclosure procedures designed to create a pleasant, positive, and stress-free buying experience for the customer while still maximizing profit opportunities, a thorough review of practical, real-world compliance steps to protect the dealership.
  • How to Interview Consumers to get more deals approved with better conditions and more approvals.
  • The Best F&I Seminar Anywhere, by Anybody… Period
  • Tangible, permanent real-world results you will be able to quantify and measure immediately.

    ** As always, Dealers attend at no cost!
Lifetime Free Repeats, and as always, Dealer Principals Attend at No Charge

F&I FLOW Mastery

Over the years I watched you evolve from step selling to menu selling to F&I FLOW Selling, attending so many of your classes I can’t count them.   FLOW is undeniably the most logical, transparent, fast and easy process out there.  Duane taught me how to turn my sales team into raving fans of F&I because if they don’t love me their customers most certainly won’t.  Maintaining an average of $3000 to $4000 per copy wasn’t easy.  I work and live in a very small community so ethics and word of mouth are everything. I’m always excited to come to your workshops to see what’s new and participate in the discussions!
Lisa Corlazzoli

Lisa Corlazzoli

F&I, British Columbia


Leaders set the vision, Managers execute the plan. There are no other elements of your business more important than the building of your team. How do we know this? You could remove every other aspect of your business (inventory, bricks and mortar, web site, advertising, etc) and with a strong and creative team you would still sell some cars! Even with all other factors in prime condition, remove your team and you have closed your business (as we saw with COVID-19)! Are your leaders and managers equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities of today?
  • How to ascertain EQ, OQ and their how they relate to success
  • The six most common mental filters that stop any chance of growth
  • Why assessing communication and decision making styles will help your coaching
  • How to coach both relationship and transactional sellers
  • How to prevent burnout and improve productivity of introverts and extroverts
  • Creating a “moving box goal” so those that love to win or hate to lose stay motivated
  • Establishing new Money, Time and Comfort Zone blueprints
  • Learning a system to use your Head, Heart and Gut to make major decisions more effectively
  • How to establish the Vision, Belief, State and Strategy of a top performer
    The three most important activities of the sales floor
  • The only four ways management can sell more cars
  • Categorizing your team into levels of production, attitude and selling style
  • Traits of sales masters that can be groomed
  • The top 11 reasons your closing ratio is suffering
  • Updating your sales language for better FLOW and less resistance
  • A 4 step sales process training and execution checklist
  • How to reduce sales transaction times while improving gross profit
  • The fundamentals of desking deals and coaching during the sale
  • The rules of closing psychology and how to present a fearless smart 1st pencil
  • Creating an appointment driven sales culture
  • Goal setting formulas and Time
  • Management assessments 
90 Day reviews:
  • Making your 10 minute one-on-ones effective
  • ​Overall assessment of your team’s Talent and Effort
  • ​Specific individual skill assessments to guide effective training
  • ​Using HR compliant Progressive
    Discipline to improve under performers
  • Sales Manager Responsibilities
  • Traits of Effective Leaders and Trainers
  • 7 different types of super productive engaging 20 minute meetings
  • Exactly how to onboard new hires for success
  • How to recruit, screen, interview, hire, motivate, coach and terminate
Word tracks and presentation techniques are emphasized to build skills and handle objections. Role-play at every step in the process. Turn-over tools provided.

Who should attend:

 The Dealer and ALL managers in BOTH Variable and Fixed Operations.
Lifetime Free Repeats, and as always, Dealer Principals Attend at No Charge

Leadership & Management

After following Duane for some time online, I decided to bring him to Colorado to work with our entire management team of 13 stores. We had all managers from Sales, F&I, Service, Parts and Administration go through his management and leadership workshop. We found the information very valuable and received 100% positive feedback from all departments. His style of delivery was entertaining, respectful and memorable. Most importantly, his information is proving useful in our day-to-day operations. I highly recommend Duane to any group of Automotive managers and executives.
Kevin T. Shaughnessy

Kevin T. Shaughnessy

VP & Partner, Phil Long Group, Colorado
Duane's day with the entire executive team at our Auto Group Leadership Academy was amazing. The executable psychological management strategies suggested were not only usable but also very understandable and Duane's down to earth approach was very in line with our ethics and business Style. I saw Mr. Marino speak at the NADA conference in San Francisco and knew I had to bring him to our entire management team of 38 dealerships. We plan on having Duane work with us again in the near future
Matt Hanrahan

Matt Hanrahan

BDM, Luther Auto Group, Minnesota


Turn your service, parts and body shop ‘counter people’ into better ‘sales people’. Close sales – stop just quoting jobs!  From order takers to sales makers!
  • How to set goals that will actually be obtained
  • The compressed shopping process of the service customer
  • How to maintain a competitive edge against your competition
  • How to coach both relationship and transactional sellers
  • How to quickly identify and mirror your customer based on ‘social styles’
  • The urgency of handling a telephone or counter inquiry
  • Attitudes that turn customers away and those that bring them back
  • The power of words and body language – statements to avoid
  • Creating a positive first and last impression
  • Feature, benefit and advantage selling your people, procedures and parts
  • How to isolate and close on concerns using six classic service closes
  • Procedure review
  • The Art of the ‘Service Advisor Walkaround’
  • Observation and coaching checklist for service advisors
  • We provide unique and easy to use ‘Communication Pads’ which improve diagnostic conversations and help prevent come-backs
  • Back to basics over view of the appointment process, advisor consulting procedures, your repair/shop process, after-service delivery and after-service follow-up process
An emphasis is placed on uncovering needs, word tracks, relationship selling, benefit presentations and closing techniques. We then combine them with process and procedure guidelines.

Who should attend:

Any service, parts or body shop people that are involved with customers or selling.
Lifetime Free Repeats, and as always, Dealer Principals Attend at No Charge

Service Sales Training

Alan and Chip have both worked at this dealership for over 15 years. The impact that Service FLOW made on each of them was incredible! We had our best month of the year in terms of hours and gross profit generated following the training. Duane does an amazing job connecting with people, the mindset of our staff is next level. The CSI scores in Service is now ranked top 10 in the nation among Volvo retailers.
Casey Turner

Casey Turner

Fixed Operations Director, Walnut Creek, California

Welcome to the most effective Training & Coaching Programs ever developed for the car business.

  • Duane’s Training gets them going. His Coaching keeps them growing.
  • Duane is the right messenger, delivering the right message, at the right time, for the car business today.
His Training & Coaching Programs will ensure engagement and deliver outstanding results. Affordable for small single point stores.  Scalable for large dealer groups and manufacturers.

Come to a seminar at our Training Center, enroll in MarinoTV on-line learning, attend an Interactive Livestream workshop or read his best-selling books.

Everything an Automotive Sales Professional, F&I Manager, Service Advisor, Manager or Leader needs to truly become unstoppable.

Warriors Train. Whiners Complain. Adapt or die, evolve or dissolve.

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