How much more would you be willing, able and ready to do if you weren’t so bogged down by irrelevant and cumbersome stuff during your sales day? I got to see first hand, one of the ways Joe Girard was able to keep his 150+ cars a month held together, when I was standing in his home office.  His office looked like an operating room.  His desk was laid out like an operating table.  Talk about Feng Shui. You could eat off the floors.  There was no waste or excess.  It was lean, mean and organized to an extreme! Take a look at your office, your desk, your email boxes, your smartphone, your desktop, your paper & electronic filing systems and your drawers.  Do you feel eustress (euphoria) or distress (anxious) when you look around?  Can you find everything you need in less than 10 seconds?  If you can’t, one of the reasons you may not be able to make more money or sell more product is because you are quiet simply not able to easily handle the extra action.  In the last 15 years I have increased my total revenues by almost 20 times, with minimal increases in my time or processes! And I can tell you straight up that all my personal and professional spaces provide me with eustress and I can find anything within 5 seconds! Reader, let’s take this out just one more layer.  While speaking at NADA San Francisco last month, I noticed even more process, systems, data entering, form completion and complexity being added to our showrooms!  I understand the value of having deep data on our customers, being compliant and creating corporate process. However, how much of it is redundant, could be pushed to other parts of the sale or eliminated?  You know what GIGO means, Garbage In, Garbage Out.  Many front line sales people can simply not handle any more sales administration duties and can’t tell the difference between the important and the urgent.  Most of our customers come in ready, willing and able to buy, yet many of our customers are finding it more and more time consuming to buy from us!  The pace of your sale determines your CSI, profit and closing ratios today.  More FLOW equals more dough!! Review everything you do this month, whilst asking yourself these questions:
  • is this absolutely necessary?
  • is there any other way I could do this to save time?
  • how can this be streamlined?
  • can this be moved to a different time in the sale to speed things up?
  • what can be eliminated with little to no short or long term effect?
Our trademarked FLOW Selling isn’t just some cute name we made up to create market buzz. We have developed a complete, streamlined and highly effective showroom process that will take your customer from the time they walk-in the front door, to walking out of F&I, in an average of 75 minutes.  Closing ratios will sky rocket, profit will rise and your CSI will lift.  All the while getting every little piece of information your dealership, factory, suppliers and CRM needs! Make the decision today to become your company’s most valuable and highest paid person in your dealership within 24 months.  You can do it. Remember, in sales, you usually only get one chance.   Now, go sell something!