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This is a Google Review from one of our FLOW dealer clients, Oakville Chrysler. Among dozens of major and minor changes in our FLOW sales process, we show our clients how to counter your competition that still use the old "4 Square Close". In 2010 I was trying to close a customer at our used …

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How much more would you be willing, able and ready to do if you weren't so bogged down by irrelevant and cumbersome stuff during your sales day? I got to see first hand, one of the ways Joe Girard was able to keep his 150+ cars a month held together, when I was standing in …

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To me, it's never about what's new, it's about what works.  I may have never met your sales team, or been in your showroom, but I know three things about your showroom without ever stepping foot in it: Your best sales person spends more time IN their office than anyone else. That same sales person …

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Duane Marino is proud to announce the addition of an American training academy, to mirror his services offered here in Canada. J.C. Spearry, an accomplished retail automotive professional and facilitator, is heading up the Cleveland operation.  "Duane's workshops are nothing like what we have access to here in the United States.  They are the freshest …

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Duane!  A note from Cleveland brother... It's so disgusting!  I just sat with a GSM this evening and watched him try to coach this "veteran" sales associate into sloooowwwing down in the middle of negotiations!  WOW!!  I nearly jumped out of my skin!  I told her 30 mins. prior that she had a deal, lip-loaded …

J.C. Spearry Tells It Like It Is! Slow Down A Buyer?!Read More »

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