Duane Marino & J.C. Spearry

Duane Marino & J.C. Spearry

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If 2017 is the year you have decided to get SKILLED UP you have come to right place! Workshops, Best Selling Books, Audio CD's, On Line Training, In Dealership Training and participate in our next "Ask Duane" free live interactive web cast!

"Thank you Duane!  I was honoured to attend your big event, The Sales Machine, that John Kostakos of Bob Mohr and Associates promoted in Hamilton recently.  I was a little intimidated by the over 100 people crowding around the doors to get in, but I sold FIFTEEN, yes 15, cars in the 3 days following your workshop as a result of the tips you gave me.  I took away a great deal, and I know this is the key to take me to the next level, I now do over 400 cars a year. I'm looking forward to learning more on MarinoTV.  Your new FLOW Selling is EXACTLY in tune with today's market and I was TOTALLY tuned in. You are so refreshing and current, unlike our other training provider. Thanks again!"  Mary Lou Slobodian, Sales Professional, Performance Hyundai, 2014 #1 Hyundai Sales Person In The World

"I could have had anybody in the world do my talk at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit with me, and I picked Duane. We've become good friends ever since. Do not miss the opportunity to see him live. He's the new real deal."  Joe Girard, Number One Car Salesman in the World - Guinness Book of World Records and Best Selling Author, Detroit, USA

"For over 40 years, I have hand picked and co-created the careers of the best trainers and speakers such as Jackie B.Cooper, Grant Cardone, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and many, many more.  Duane Marino is the trainer of today and embodies the best traits of the best in his field, past and present.  He not only understands the market and the inner workings of a store, he can actually do what he teaches in a store personally and does so regularly on his own car lot and at stores across the nation. I can say that every salesperson, manager and dealer should take advantage of what he has to offer, from phone to sales to closing skills, management training, F&I and sales psychology. HE'S YOUR MAN. He's both dynamic and down to earth. Don't miss any opportunity to see him in person when he comes to your area, attend one of his regular workshops in his home markets or have him come to your store."  Bob Mohr, Bob Mohr and Associates, USA, Canada, Australia, England

"While in the midst of the worst economic downturn and automotive contraction the United States has ever seen, we knew we needed something different, fresh, motivating and effective to help our dealers get out of the slump. So we sought the best we could find and found Duane in Canada, flew him in to our Washington studio and he did a 2 hour Power Talk, broadcast across the nation. The feedback was instant, awesome and unanimous. He'll be back soon for another show."  Jeff Sleete, Vice President, Sinclair Broadcasting Company, Baltimore, USA

"I was a lot porter and when I started selling cars my dealership sent me to see Duane. I was told to sit down, shut up and listen to everything he had to say. I took it one step further. I actually did what he said when I got back. The 'senior' sales people didn't like me too much, because I started to immediately out-sell them. I have since moved to a different city for personal reasons, practice the same techniques, have NEVER taken lot traffic unless I'm forced to, make well over $100,000 a year, and work less hours than anyone else in the store. He's a freak and he's golden. Thanks so much Duane for all you've taught me."  Tyler Sage, Sales Professional, Georgian GM, Canada

"Even though Duane's F&I FLOW Selling eased our process and improved our numbers substantially, our product providers put pressure on us to go back to their step selling or's bizarre. They feel threatened about a process they don't understand and can't train us on even though it allows us to sell more of their products for them.  FLOW is simply better!" Chris Hogue, Muskoka Chrysler, Canada

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