Watch me in the gym…if you can do one pull up, can you do two…?

Reader, follow my logic for a moment…Let’s say you can only do one push up. If you were to do one push everyday, is it realistic to expect that at some point you will be able to do two? Once you can do two, will you at some point be able to do three? Carry this out…when would this logic come to a stop? Who knows…Same with chin ups, same with phone calls, same with sales techniques learn, same with habits we re-form, same with customer relationships we build, same with cars we sell. If you can do 7 cars a month, and you focus on all the things you can improve for a few months, is it possible you can do 8? then 9? then 10? Of course it is!Get obsessed with the processes, activities, habits and behaviors of success, be patient and forget about the results for a while, because sooner or later the new and better results will come! Watch me in the gym now to see what one chin up can progress into in a few months: I’m not trying to impress you with this video, I am trying to impress upon you the learnable patterns of growth.You have a champion inside you, slowly show the world and yourself what you can really do!