Are you a person in sales or a sales person?

I love to play soccer, and can hold my own. But I’m not a soccer player, I’m a person that plays soccer. I have played with ex-pro’s of many ages and know how they think and see the game. There’s a world of difference.You may be in sales, and might be fairly good at it. But you may not be a sales person, you may just be a person in sales. I have met the best there is in sales and I know how they think about and see selling. There’s a world of difference.People that define themselves by what they do, live, eat, breathe and drink it. It consumes them. They talk, think and behave differently than people who happen to just do it for a living. I’m not a person that just does sales strategies, I’m a sales strategist. It defines me.Think about this for a while. What could finally deciding to become a sales person mean to your sales and income? You can’t get more commitments from your customers until you get fully committed to your career!