Basic or Advanced Training?

Let’s say you play golf, and wanted to improve your game. One of your many options would be to get a coach or trainer to work with you. If you actually took the time and money and committed to lessons, how would you feel if your trainer said “Ok, I will start by teaching you what average golfers do, leave it with you long enough to all become a habit, and once you master those habits, we will get together again and I will re-teach you what great golfers do, and you will have to break all those “basic” habits, and basically start over re-learning how to hit the ball like a pro.”I don’t know about you but I personally prefer to just learn how to do it right the first time, and master the best techniques from the get-go. Breaking habits is often harder than acquiring habits. And if I had been golfing for a while, I would expect the same. I simply want to learn how to lower my score the easiest way possible.With this in mind, there really isn’t “basic” and “advanced” sales concepts. There are just “effective” and “ineffective” sales concepts. I’m really only interested in learning and teaching what works and what’s easy to do and learn…and that my friends is often NOT what most training companies teach.