Good day fellow success seekers!!

I’m excited to be posting my FIRST blog on our new web site! 🙂 There is so many exciting things happening for us and our clients I really don’t know where to start… At our Toronto Academy:
  • Every month we pump out a group of elitely trained sales people, confident and ready to hit their showrooms like Marines hit the beach after our Sales Champion Trainings
  • Every second month our unique trademarked F&I process called “FLOW” is showing old school Step Sellers and hokey software Menu Sellers how to really hit it out of the park with our 20 minute FLOW turnover, so get to our next F&I FLOW Mastery to see what it’s all about
  • Personal Power is getting a lot of attention and it covers both the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment which guarantees more successful selling and living
  • Our Service Advisor Workshop, Social Media Sales, Trade Cycle Management and Managing the Sales Process are staples for professionals occupying those important positions so I hope to see you at one soon
Our monthly regional big events are well under way with a sell out crowd of over 200 retail automotive sales professionals each and every month in a different major city…check out our calendar regularly for these, believe me, you don’t want to miss it when it comes to your area… And of course, I am still going right into dealerships across the nation to motivate, educate and inspire my clients, taking and making their sales calls, working F&I, desking deals and selling cars on their turf, leading by exampleLet’s stay in touch!!! Sell well my friends… Duane Marino Your Friend In The Training Business