Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween! Trick or treat!? Do you sell just for the money or is money something that happens after you sell? I certainly don’t sell just for the money. In fact, money is really just one of the many outcomes that transpires after the sale. Each sale and person are different. The tricks are as fun as the treats. Sometimes it’s just fun to push the process to get the other person to show their hand, certain elements of the process could be more or less enjoyable, your curiousity makes you want to keep things moving, you may just enjoy the challenge, it could be about what you anticipate happening after the sale, about repeats, referrals, a contest… Selling just for the money is a big mistake that masters seldom make. We need money but we also need to be competitive against ourselves and others, we need to help others, we need to challenge our skills and we need to grow in our processes. So for October, don’t just go for the treats, focus on the tricks!