Consensus: RIP Menus…So Long Step Selling…Heelloooo FLOW!

Well, what can we say?I’m teaching a F&I FLOW Selling Mastery class today in Toronto…and there are some managers coming back through FLOW again to take it even higher. I like to watch the experienced FLOW Masters describe to the new FLOW Jedi’s how FLOW has changed everything about their F&I departments, their relationships with their sales people, their customers, their presentations and especially their averages.They talk in utter amazement and amusement how simplicity really does trump technology and how they prove this day after day. They wonder how they didn’t think of FLOW themselves, especially as they replay in their memories all the boring control word tracks they had to learn and maintain while trying to stop their customers from reading ahead and looking at all the payments on their silly menus, as they struggled to maintain control to explain the “features and benefits” on them. And now we have interactive menus! Wow, just like interactive car accidents! Cool!And then we have the old school step sellers, remembering their one hour plus turnovers that left everyone exhausted and praying for a happy ending. So, menu sellers and step sellers, may the farce be with you, along with the advocates of such psychologically barbaric practices. We will see you on the other side sooner or later, where the grass is greener, the pay checks are bigger, everyone is happier, CSI is better and the turnovers are faster. Cocky? Nope. Confident? Yup. Over 150 FLOW Masters and growing…Onward and upward my friends…see you in Duncan!