Another Successful F&I FLOW Installation….

I’m just finishing up an installation of F&I FLOW Selling into a dealer group…they brought me out on a referral, blind faith and hope that FLOW was indeed far superior to step or menu selling. All the business managers were trained; the sales managers and general managers attended, and the verdict: FLOW is indeed FAR better than any other F&I selling system developed, and they have seen it all from every trainer, product supplier and vendor! If you are strong enough to be at $400, $800, $1200 or $2000 using old school exhausting step selling or hokey software driven menu selling, I can assure you a 30% increase using this new sales technology!We are already booking into February and March…if you want to boost your F&I income by 30% or more, contact us today! FLOW is taking over the nation’s F&I offices, one store at a time. Why not jump on now before your competition does?