An angel with an apprentice attitude

A couple weeks ago I was training some newer sales professionals at their dealership MacMaster Chev, and Duncan McColl, a top sales person in every regard, asks if he can sit in on the training for a morning. I have known Duncan for over 20 years, and we have seen each other’s careers evolve and change many times over. Of course, when a 25 car a month sales person that gets 90% of his business from his pipeline wants to attend my classes, I’m honoured and thrilled to be able to bounce ideas off them, get their feedback on my techniques and learn what they do. After about 3 hours of being very involved in my training, he politely says he has an appointment and slips out after being extremely supportive of my approaches. As soon as he leaves the room, I ask these new sales reps “Of all the people on the floor that needs my training the LEAST, who would that be?!” Instant answers: “Duncan!” Then I point out, “Isn’t it interesting that he is the ONLY sales person that came up on his accord while I was here?” Instant answers: “Because he is the only one with an open mind and desire to constantly improve!” My friends, success in an attitude, not a destination! Never ever lose your desire to learn, stay fresh and be relevant. Thank you Duncan for reaffirming me and my trainings. Sell well and stay strong!