Keynote Speaking & Special Events

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  • Topics are tailored to whatever your event requires. Conventions, new product announcements, regional meetings, grand openings and other special occasions will be enhanced by making them more enjoyable, more relevant and more memorable with Duane Marino or J.C. Spearry doing what they do best – educating, motivating and inspiring your people.

    “We have brought in several key note speakers over the years, and normally have about 15 Business Managers attend our annual event.  This year, we brought in Duane Marino.  The interest in attending was crazy, his name was so strong in the stores that everybody we talked to signed up.  We had to stop the enrollements at 120 people!  His talk was amazing.  We actually felt sorry for the speakers that had to follow him later that day.”  Tracy Dietrich, Business Development Manager, BMO

Our knowledgeable team has a full range of innovative solutions and related services that can be customized to suit each client.

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