Custom Training

We at Marino Training recognize the complexity and diversity of selling situations and that one vanilla selling style won’t work. For example selling in rural stores can be quite different than selling in large scale urban markets. Where the emphasis in urban markets may be that they need to “close the deal before the customer leaves the store or you may never see them again”.  Smaller stores need to build on trust within the community… Chances are that you will see your customer at the grocery store… the feed store… or local community events… It becomes as much as how you and the dealership are seen in the community as having the strongest closing techniques… The pressure techniques of large city stores just won’t work long term in rural markets.

To be clear, you can never judge a book by it’s cover financially and when dealing with the phycology of selling, one cannot assume that rural customers are not educated and well researched when they come into your store…that some customers come in ready to buy and are truly transaction ready on the first visit.  Sometimes one needs to be able to switch gears quickly and help your customer make a decision to buy today. It is all about relationships, mirroring and matching one’s style to suit your customer.

Marino training is based on a simple, easy to follow formula that provides the framework and blueprint for success. Once mastered, it provides the foundation and building blocks for quick adaptation to suit each and every unique selling situation.  This trademarked four step process we refer to as “FLOW Selling”. It gives one the tools to recognize quickly where the customer is at and what steps are needed to satisfy the emotional and psychological trigger points of the buying process to close the sale.

Mastering FLOW selling and reducing your transaction times will help you get more sales, make more money on those sales, have happier customers and make selling fun again. This duplicable process gives salespeople the edge over the competition, creates income that most just dream of and positions dealerships to dominate their market with their fresh traffic, repeats and referrals.

Whether you sign up for intense, compressed, high energy instore training, come to our Academy, prefer to learn at your own pace on your Smartphone with a library of over 2500 indexed videos or read Marino’s three published books, we have the training components that speak directly to your unique selling situations and market.

With respect and professionalism, we address cultural, economic, demographic and sociological differences of buyers offering a clear road map of success. In an ever-changing landscape of technology and well researched buyers, Duane also offers a monthly interactive “Ask Duane” live broadcast to address any questions salespeople may be facing. He connects directly and personally via email, text, social media and two new monthly newsletters.

Duane is recognized as The Master of Automotive Sales Training.  He is fun, down to earth, approachable, passionate about his skill and worthy of your inquiry.



If you have been in the car business for years, chances are you have plateaued and attained a certain level of success, and are now looking for ways to either increase your volume, make more money on the same volume, sell the same amount but work less hours, or just hold on to the success you have attained.  Whatever scenario best describes you, Duane understands and we’ve got you covered!



A Sales Manager’s most precious assets are their time and their team, so it’s crucial to have sales meetings that are consistently punctual and productive.  And Duane knows preparing for sales meetings week after week after week can be challenging, so he has prepared the structure and content for over 350 sales meetings for you, ready to go, just a click away!


Looking to update and improve your sales processes so you can Sell Twice As Much In Half The Time?!  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Duane has modernized the structure, language and order of the sales, F&I and service process so you can reduce your transaction times, increase volume, improve customer satisfaction and profits as well as sell most of the people most of the time!  Find out how more FLOW is more DOUGH!


As Duane says, the only thing worse than not knowing what to do is mastering things that don’t work!

New hires are impressionable and have not developed habits so their first few months are very formative.  We have found they latch onto the simplicity and effectiveness of Duane’s sales practices faster than anyone else in your showroom!  We have a very long and growing list of new Sales Professionals that reach 20 to 30 cars a month within their first six months, and F&I Specialists that grow to over $2000 per car in the same period, just ask us for referrals.  If you are new to your position, then make sure you master what’s really working today, before you develop bad habits!


Everyone knows the best time to sell something is right after you’ve sold something, and unless you are up for the up, you’re better off not taking the up!  We have all had that sinking feeling when things don’t go our way, but there is a science and an art to getting out of that rut before it becomes a grave!  Duane will share with you the principles, practices and psychology of how to get back on track, fast, what patterns to watch for and how to get you turn things around now!


Our energy flows where our focus goes, so whatever you give your focus to, expands, either positive or negative!  Nobody in the automotive business knows more about the psychology of motivation than Duane, and sometimes it’s not just changing what you are thinking about, but how.  To change things for you, just change things about you!


High line buyers have a different set of expectations when they walk into your showroom.  With most luxury brands offering product in the near entry level price range and right up into the six figures, how to present yourself, your product and your pricing can be challenging, never mind all the intricacies of customer retention.  Duane will help you bring together his solid sales practices with a unforgettable customer experience so that your luxury buyers receive the service they anticipate!


Dealerships that compete in large dense urban centers may have dozens of competitors within a short 20 minute drive or with a single click on social media using their smartphones.  The reality is when the customer walks out of your showroom without buying, or if they have a poor F&I or service experience, they are probably never coming back.  In addition to doing the complete job when the customer is with you, certain strategies need to be in place when they leave, so you don’t end up selling cars for your competition.  Duane will show you how to close more of your traffic on the first visit, as well as substantially increasing the odds they don’t just leave to buy from your competitor while also driving up your be-backs substantially!


Small town and country stores have the unique opportunity to sell vehicles to some of the most laid back but affluent buyers in North America, and their families, for generations, if they do the right things the right way.

If they are not happy, it’s not necessarily social media you have to be concerned about, but word of mouth.  You will probably see your showroom traffic at church, the feed store, the grocery store or the gas station, and everyone knows everyone.  Have your team learn from Duane how to create their own traffic, close those that come in without applying the kind of pressure that will give you a bad reputation, and then keep their friends and families for the long run!


When selling vehicles to different cultures there are differences that need to be respected and understood.  With good intentions, sales people can confuse or upset their sales or transaction processes, if they don’t know the practices and personalities of the different demographics in their markets.  Let Duane share what he has learned from personal experience and formal training about what to do, and not do, with almost every culture that will walk into your showroom!


When a customer contacts you through your website, a third party or by email, you have an inquiry.  You don’t have a lead until they reply to your first response.  Once that level of engagement is established we want to get the customer on the phone, and into your showroom.  Or if they are a long distance lead, get them on the phone, close the sale and schedule delivery.

It starts with ensuring your email arrives into the customers in box and doesn’t get put into there junk mail, getting your email opened and not just deleted, have it actually read and finally getting a reply from them!  Learn Duane’s scientific art of how to explode your sales to internet shoppers!


As Joe Girard famously said “you can’t close an empty chair”.  You may be a finely tuned sales machine, but unless you have people to sell cars to, you will never reach your potential.  Over the years Duane has collected and used over 70 different ways to fill your pipeline with leads and busy yourself all week with appointment after appointment!


People like to deal with professionals that accommodate their schedules, but also appear to be busy and proficient.  Projecting the right image to your clients at the time of booking, and confirming your appointments are very important.  Let Duane show your team how to increase your shows as well as the number of people who contact you to cancel (which can usually be re-booked) and drive down your no shows.  Great months start with busy days full of appointments!


Trucks, trucks and more trucks!  Over the past decade or so, trucks and SUV’s have taken over our roads and driveways.  Trucks are obviously no longer work vehicles for most buyers, but they still require special knowledge, a different value proposition and presentation.  As Duane says “if you sell to the need you don’t need to sell” and this is very true with this segment of our business. Learn how to be more effective and efficient at selling and closing your truck segments!


Every sales person in your showroom can learn how to find 3780 new prospects every single year, to be exact.  Duane has an exciting new prospecting program that even with a 99% failure rate will have you delivering 38 more cars this year, without ever taking an extra up or relying on that ad or private sale to really hit!


Plan for the best but always expect the worst.  There are dozens of scenarios your customers will throw at you during the close.  You can make it up as you go along or learn over 100 powerful closes that will re-frame the buyer’s problems into questions that you can provide the answers for, and then finish the sale.  Duane worked as a closer with some of the best in the business, you don’t want to miss out on these slam dunk rebuttals!


A WIN-WIN SCENARIO Your style of negotiating starts the moment you meet your client.  You have four options when it comes to handling numbers with your clients during the sale:  stay off price avoiding it for as long as possible, ask them what their price and payment requirements are, tell or show them real numbers or present ranges.  When closing you can initially present proposals to them or ask for offers from them.  And then once the first set of numbers are actually on the table, there is a myriad of ways things could go down.  That menu of tactics has been analyzed and Duane wants to share with you what the best practices are!


If you have to be at work for 35 to 65 hours a week, why not enjoy it, get better at it every day, and make the most sales and money possible to help yourself and those you care about!

Duane proudly calls some of the highest volume sales people in the car business friends, including the The World Number One Sales Person, Joe Girard.  Find out what is stopping you from the being in the top 1% club and what you have to do to join it!


Duane can hardly think of a single skill that has helped him more over the years than his deep understanding of body language.  Most people think they know more than they actually do regarding what they are projecting to, and collecting from, other people in terms of their body language.  He has been personally certified by the planet’s top experts on this matter and he wants to share what he has learned with you so you can reduce unwitting problems and increase your successes by practically becoming a mind reader.  Think about it, what could be more valuable than knowing what your customer is thinking all the time!


Thousands of people and hundreds of dealerships later, Duane has absolutely codified what the best in our business do, how they think and what they believe. If someone else can do it, you can do it too! By modelling excellence, you speed up the learning and success process greatly, turning decades of trial and error into days of best practice behavior!