Body Language Training

Could you imagine being able to tell, with huge certainty, what someone was really saying, just by reading their body language more effectively?  How many mistakes could you avoid, conversations could you re-direct and sales could you make, if you were almost a mind reader?  Over the next several chapters, Duane shares the “tells” you need to be able to recognize and interpret when you are dealing with people!  And guess what, you are always dealing with people!  This is just one of the CRUCIAL areas we are studying here in Personal Development, that will act like gasoline on your sales fire once you master it!

This is a small sampling of almost 2000 all new chapters available on MarinoTV for your entire Sales Team (veterans and new hires alike), F&I Specialists, Sales Managers and Service Advisors!  This demo does not have full user functionality.  MarinoTV has complete workshops & short tips, and is great for preparing for appointments, running sales meetings, in one-on-ones and will help you improve your sales & income while also dropping your stress levels.