You can’t sell a secret

Do you remember exactly where you were when you lost your virginity? If I said I wanted a soda pop or soft drink what brands would you mention? These are two very different examples of things that are highly memorable. When a customer says the word ‘car’ what or who do they think of? If they think of your brand, good. If they think of your dealership, great. If they think of you, outstanding! And if they think of you, all parties win, and their closing ratio goes from 15% to over 60%! So, I ask you this question…how many people associate you with cars? The more the merrier, and yes my friends, in this case size DOES matter. One of the best things you can do for your career and stress levels is coninually build the size of that group, and one day, you will never have to rely on the front door again. Wishing you much awareness and memorability!