F&I: You aren’t STILL using THAT are you?!

You know the look that people with iPhones give people with cell phones just before they ask “you aren’t STILL using THAT are you?!” and then mr. cell phone goes on about how it’s good enough for them, and how it does all they need it to do, and then ms. iPhone just looks incredulously at them, smirks and walks away. I used to get that same look when all I had was a cell phone, and everybody would tell me to get a blackberry. I thought my cell phone was the cats a–. I had nothing to compare it to. Then I got a blackberry and within days I felt almost embarassed about how I would tell others how I was just fine with my cell phone. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Now I’m being told to get an iPhone. lol This blog needs to be read by every F&I manager out there that is STILL using step selling or menu selling. You have nothing to compare it to and you really don’t know what you don’t know. FLOW Selling will take everything you have thought about your F&I process up until now and make it look like a cell phone beside an iPhone. Fun (for everyone), Fast and Profitable! Every single GM, SM and BM that has attended has agreed that FLOW is the way to go for F&I. Attend our next Toronto or Regional Workshop. You won’t regret it. I Promise.