Another Great Christmas Dinner with Joe Girard

Nero’s restaurant in the Caesar Casino overlooking the Detroit river was the perfect place to meet. I can only hope I have half the energy, charm and drive at his age. He has another book on the way, “Life’s 13 Rules” and it will be a barn-burner. In it he will be sharing his viewpoints and guidelines for a healthy, happy and wealthy life. He will also be sharing some of the harder lessons he has had to learn through life, some of the harsher obstacles he endured while selling (which he has never talked about before and I promised not to leak) and some of his greatest failures and successes. Get to it when it hits the bookstores because it will sell out fast! He is also introducing the world’s most unique and aggressive success guarantee ever! Remember “the elevator to success is broken…you’ll need to take the stairs one step at a time!” – Joe Girard