J.C. Spearry Tells It Like It Is! Slow Down A Buyer?!

Duane!  A note from Cleveland brother…It’s so disgusting!  I just sat with a GSM this evening and watched him try to coach this “veteran” sales associate into sloooowwwing down in the middle of negotiations!  WOW!!  I nearly jumped out of my skin!  I told her 30 mins. prior that she had a deal, lip-loaded her a bit with some “spot” coaching, and, since she was told to slow down, she nearly lost the deal…the GSM wouldn’t get off his ass-et and I just butted in and locked the guy down…took his $5000 and called it a night…in less than 2 minutes!  Duane, I swear to the higher power that’s the exact truth!!  It’s unreal, we know the buyer has changed but so many stores are stuck in 1980 in how they structure and try to close deals!   I have been working and mentor selling with this store for 2 weeks now and have sold at least a car a day using our FLOW Selling Processes and I still don’t know sh– about the product!  Goals, process, attitude and enthusiasm!  (and taking action on all 4, of course)  AND THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE BRAND STORE IN THE STATE!WHEW!  Had to get THAT off my chest!Rock on Big Daddy…Hope you’re having a rockin’ week!  Call or text if you’d like to brain-storm…I have many recent stories to share that might enthrall you.   Gratefully yours…JC from NAASSA Cleveland.  Over and OUT.    🙂