Joe GIRARD is not just the average Joe

Over 20 years ago, Joe’s first books taught me the essentials of selling. I never could have dreamt that I would be blessed by a close friendship with him and his family, and it has been a major source of inspiration, notoriety and credibility for me.In our many conversations over the years he has taught me more then he’ll ever know about the art of selling and dealing with people just by watching and listening to him. Not to mention his countless personal and sales stories, a few I would never re-tell.If you read my newsletters, than we already have a certain connection, and I also know that you like me and want to get a little better every day.I highly encourage you to go to JOE GIRARD’s website and buy his book now. If you are a sales manager, get one for everybody on the team! This book is excellent. Unlike the other so-called “books” I see being shipped to your stores by average Joes, that are not really books at all but rather cleverly disguised marketing tools that just try to sell you more courses and other products. JOE GIRARD’s books will actually teach you what you need to know to be more successful, without a commercial on every page.Joe and Kitty, I have a strong feeling you will be reading this. My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for me, and us! And to all my other friends….sell well!